Locum Optometrist and Locum Dispensing Opticians

Imagine a single platform that provided locum days, recorded income/expenses, gave reminders for both jobs & income/expenses, sent invoices, provided reports on your finances and had a specialist Accountant file your tax returns - welcome to LOCUMKIT

Locumkit is a system built to take away all your administrative burdens and ensure you remain on top of your taxes.

We made everything easy for you and it takes only few clicks to get you started

Locumkit: Locum Optometrist & Locum Dispensing Optician agency

Locumkit: Accountants for Locum Optometrist & Accountants for Locum Dispensing Opticians


We saw the need to rethink the current outdated process of locum recruitment and decided to build a new, unique and innovative recruitment system. A system that intelligently matches job opportunities only to candidates that specifically meet the job criteria. This is done using our bespoke algorithms which allow employers to select people who exactly meet their requirements while providing locums invitations to only the jobs they actually want.

Locumkit is not just an app to source jobs but it is a platform for to manage all your jobs (whether booked through us or not) and then have our in house dual qualified locum and Accountant taking care of your finances.

Register now for FREE and see how Locumkit takes away all your admin burden.

Available on mobile website, ios & android.

Key benefits:   

- DBS clearance for locums: Enhanced DBS from as little as £35* (one of the, if not the cheapest on the net) - To find out more, click here

- Locum Jobs      

  • Tailored job notifications (you control the filter)               
  • Dynamic calendar assures you avoid double bookings   
  • Receive instant job notifications via our app or e-mail    
  • Ability to freeze potential jobs if you need more time to check own availability
  • View your locum schedule at a glance   
  • Add offsite locum days to your diary      
  • Manage your locum availability and eliminate irrelevant job offers          
  • Set your preferred daily rates   
  • No restriction on contacting employer direct may you wish to do so        
  • Locum diary enabling you to make digital record and reminders of work, follow up procedures


- Locum Accounting: Finance - Changing the way locums manage their finances

  • Get automated financial reminders
  • View your finances in real time; track your trading patterns   
  • Send invoices from a click of a few buttons          
  • View who has paid you and more importantly who has not
  • Add offsite locum days income and expenes   
  • Data stored for upto three years
  • Get a guesstimate of your expected tax liability
  • Option to benefit from complete and accurate accounting and tax services from Accountants specialised in the Optics industry
  • Accountants for Locum Optometrists and Locum Dispensing Opticians
  • For more information on our accounting sector, click here


Whether you want to use our locum job services or take advantage of the range of our accounting packages, we are here to help in any way we can.